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System requirements.
  • KMBOX [ B+ PRO ] OR [ NET ]
  • List of functions as of 5/25/2024.

  • Allow Panic Turn Off [ Hotkey ]
  • First Aimbot Hotkey
  • Second Aimbot Hotkey
  • Fov Type [ Regular, Dynamic ]
  • Fov [ 1 - 200 ]
  • Smooth type [ Linear, Dynamic ]
  • Target Switch Delay
  • First Hotkey Distance
  • Second Hotkey Distance
  • Custom Font / Font Size
  • Maximum Distance [ 0 - 250 m ]
  • Box [ Visibile/Invisible Colors ]
  • Distance [ Visibile/Invisible Colors ]
  • HealthBar
  • Aimbot Fov [ Color ]
  • Crosshair [ Color ]
[ MISC ]
  • DMA Acceleration
  • Overlay VSYNC
  • Limit CPU Activity
  • Wide Screen Support
  • Information Widget
  • Overlay Mode [ FUSER, Transaprent ]
  • Mouse Mode [ Default, Inverted ]
  • Menu Main Color
  • Menu Text Color
  • Box Thickness
  • Crosshair Size/Thickness
  • Aim Fov Thickness
  • Create
  • Folder
  • Refresh
  • Ability to set binds to the config and change them very quickly during the game

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01. What is DMA?

DMA cheats are cheats that use a special board that allows you to read and process memory from one computer to another. This approach is much safer than regular cheats.

02. What is KMBOX?

KMBOX is a device that connects via USB to two computers and can control the movement of your cursor without running any programs on a gaming computer that has an anti-cheat, kmbox itself is useless without DMA, but together with it it becomes an excellent device for creating an aimbot, an aimbot in this way turns out to be more secure than the classic versions.

03. What is Fuser?

Fuser is another device like kmbox that makes no sense without DMA, but in conjunction with DMA it makes your game even more convenient, it mixes the HDMI signal in such a way that it transfers the overlay from one computer to the second, so you can see the ESP on the gaming computer without creating an overlay on it or running programs, the anti-cheat cannot track it in any way, it cannot be caught on a screenshot or recorded on video, ideal for streams

04. What is firmware for DMA?

Firmware for DMA is one of the most important aspects, it is the most important factor. When you insert DMA into a computer, it will in no case be displayed as DMA, it will be displayed as a real secure device, such as a Wi-FI Adapter, this is the firmware, disguise. Mimicry of a real device completely deprives anti-cheats of the ability to detect a cheater. But of course, as in any business, there are nuances, for example, many sellers sell POOR-QUALITY firmware, this entails a ban on platforms such as Faceit or Valorant, other anti-cheats cannot even deal with low-quality firmware, but if your firmware is good, then you you can play for a bunch of years and the chance of being discovered even on Faceit is very low, this has been verified by the personal experience of many of our users. If we talk about other anti-cheats like Eac, the chance of a ban even with bad firmware is almost zero.